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    Attentive service, win-win cooperation
    Hengtong Digital focused to provide users with thoughtful, timely comprehensive services.
    Forward-looking, professional and prudent pre-sale services to help customers reduce total cost of ownership.
    Thorough, complete, timely after-sales service to help steady and sustainable development of customer operations.
    Service concept
    Service Achievement Value
    Make every effort, we are committed to continuously improving customer satisfaction
    Service standards
    ●designed ? ?●professional
    ●intention of listening ? ?● timely response
    Content services
    ●hotline service ? ?●Network online service
    ●Project Advisory Services ? ?●Programme Planning Services
    ●Project implementation services ? ?●Professional Training Services
    ●Troubleshooting Service ? ?● User visit services
    ●Customization services (hardware, software, integrated solutions)
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