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    • Introduction
    • Type
    • Features
    • Parameter
    • Case
    HT-NTS2000 network by the time the school system HT-NTS2000 school network time server and network system software. NTS2000 network time server to automatically connect when comparing satellite antenna via satellite. LAN network within the school system when you install the software to connect your PC NTS2000 time server over the network, and manually or automatically at a set period of time the server network connection NTS2000 calibration time.
    The school system for the user's security, scientific research, education, and other users of the enterprise network systems to provide a unified, accurate time school services.
    ● When the time server automatically connect to multiple satellites school via satellite antenna
    ● LAN system within the school network software installed PC is connected NTS2000 time server, manually or through a network by setting the cycle automatically connect to a network time server calibration time NTS2000
    ● The system provides 13 public school network server for network connection when the user selects the school, you can always add, delete, modify when school server
    ● When school time interval automatically by setting the cycle timing, timing the operation manual
    ● When the last school information display, including at school, the server, the connection and other information
    ● GPS connection status display, including servers, connection number of stars, the connection status and other information
    ● DTP, SNTP protocol selection
    ● No connection satellite voice prompts
    ● client, the server port custom settings
    ● When server software for the COM port or network setting selection
    ● within-campus server search, server IP, Gateway, Subnet Mask, multicast IP, Multicast port settings
    ● COM server settings when connecting schools, including multicast IP, multicast port, IP, gateway, COM port and baud rate settings
    No. Project The main technical parameters
    1 School server When the server is connected to the school, their own add / delete / modify network 13 school
    2 Compared with setting Every 10 minutes, hours, days, weeks compared automatically setting than the manual
    3 Select Settings Network /COM
    4 Timing protocol DTP/SNTP
    5 Network Interface 1 RJ45,10 / 100M adaptive network interface
    6 Antenna A satellite antenna interface
    7 Serial port 1 COM
    8 Reset A reset button
    9 Rated voltage DC12V, power consumption: ≤5W
    10 Product Size 120×75×45mm
    11 Working temperature 0~55℃
    12 Relative humidity 10~90%
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