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    HT-NBS network intercom system by the terminal device connected via a network server equipment components, terminal equipment including the HT-9513 Touch / HT9515 double integration terminals and connecting terminals via HT-9617D split multiple HT-9637 single Key / HT-9638 double control panel; service end device includes mounted HT-NBS-9500 network intercom service software server and HT-9502 intercom master and HT-NBS-9516 control software.
    HT-NBS network intercom system using a hands-free intercom system advanced audio capture and compression technology, the audio signal is transmitted in packets on the LAN to form a purely digital transmission. To solve the transmission distance of traditional intercom system has a limited, vulnerable to interference and other issues. The structure is clear, simple, just a computer terminal to access the network can constitute a powerful digital communications system, each access point without requiring a separate wiring, and computer networking, digital video surveillance, internal communication of multi-play.
    HT-NBS network intercom system, video display terminal call linkage service side; HT-9637 Speed ​​/ HT-9638 double control panel can be connected HT-IAAI intelligent audio analysis processor, pick up live sound, after analysis, processing issue alarm message; the HT-NBS network intercom network system can also be connected HT-5002 IP intercom access system, the central server can be used with an external intercom master phone call, the function of the network extends to the telephone intercom system network.
    Product is suitable for self-service banking, highway toll stations, prisons, military units, enterprises and institutions.
    No. Device Name Unit Quantity Remark
    A field-side program
    1 HT-9513 / SD1 / SD4 / SD5 Speed ​​Integrated Terminal Taiwan Demand Call, intercom, broadcast / video
    Or HT-9515 integrated terminal double bond Taiwan Demand Call, intercom, broadcasting, business consulting
    Field side Option II
    1 HT-9617D / -V split terminal Taiwan 1 1 to 8 can be connected to a single / double control panel / visual
    2 HT-9637 / SD1-touch control panel Taiwan Demand Call, intercom, broadcast / video
    Or HT-9638 / SD1 double control panel Taiwan Demand Call, intercom, broadcasting, business consulting / visual
    Optional HT-IAAI intelligent audio analysis processor Taiwan 1 Acquisition analysis and processing live sound, alarm linkage
    3 Network intercom terminal configuration software Cover Demand Network and function configuration of each terminal
    Center-side configuration
    1 HT-NBS-9500 network intercom server software Cover 1 HT-NBS network connection management system talk
    2 HT-NBS-9516 Intercom Client Control Software Cover Demand Management, control center and terminal intercom, video
    3 HT-9502 / -V intercom master Cover Demand Receiving terminal call, intercom / video
    Optional HT-5002 telephone access system Taiwan 1 Connection terminal and the telephone network call
    4 Server or high-performance computers Taiwan Demand Intercom Server software installation / client control software
    Transmission network (user-created)
    ● any partition broadcasting: the system and the server can be controlled with the use of digital IP audio terminal Renyiyitai play, and the freedom to set the partition, quickly select a group of terminal displays the development of audio programs, server software remotely control each partition or per players and other contents terminals (delineated area play) and volume
    ● multiple programs broadcast: audio transmission scheme based on TCP / IP protocols, systems, and servers can be used in conjunction with multicast and on-demand at the same time without disturbing each other
    ● any point patrol call: used in conjunction with the server by setting radio address, you can specify all or part of the broadcast broadcast
    ● Intercom, Handsfree: used in conjunction with the server, after the call is connected, immediately call hands-free mode, the microphone between the host and the terminal, you can achieve two-way intercom, speakerphone between the terminal and the terminal for the daily Liaison and communication
    ● terminal status display: in conjunction with the server, you can instantly displays the current status of the terminal service software - free, broadcast or on-demand
    ● terminal volume control: in conjunction with the server, you can adjust the volume terminal
    ● monitoring services: in conjunction with the server, to have a microphone input terminal monitor
    ● two-way headset calls; for external headset microphone, conversation at noisy environment or do not want to influence others
    ● Speed ​​Call: Quick call to the specified destination terminal, each terminal can be set to call destination independent
    ● Automatic answer: You can set the terminal to be called in the ring one time after the call automatically to state
    ● Manual answer: terminal is called a continuous ringing until you manually key response so far
    ● Busy Transfer: station to be called is talking, it can automatically transfer the call to another station designated terminal
    ● Off Transfer: If the terminal to be called is off or disconnected, the automatic call forwarding
    ● No Response Transfer: If the terminal is call after a specified number of rings unanswered, automatic call forwarding
    ● Priority Call: Call Barge terminal call set priorities, and to suspend high-level users can insert a low-level user's call
    ● Call forwarding: No Network can not talk between the two locations, you can forward the call
    ● Background music: The terminal can play background music speakers, speaker automatically interrupted recovery, real-time playback / timer playback / Trigger playback
    ● bell: Scheduled Bell, audio files loop, shuffle selection
    ● server software on integrated tts (text-to-speech) easier for users to use dynamic ringing
    ● network communication protocol: Ethernet TCP / IP protocol suite (IP, TCP, UDP, 2CMP, multicast), support for LAN
    ● digital recording: automatic generation call terminal is enabled, the answering terminal and two terminals mixing three standard WAV audio files
    ● telephone system access: The network intercom system connected via HT-5002 IP network intercom access system and telephone network systems, terminal fixed telephone number direct, convenient, SDK temporary number to call flexible
    ● video linkage: linkage video display terminal call, convenient central terminal via live video quickly verify site conditions, different panels can be linked different video intercom, central capture, video
    ● map display: Show map, add the terminal directly to the terminal to monitor, intercom, call control to answer or hang up
    ● Extension Terminal Name: Microphone intercom master station terminal control software displays the name of the host call terminal extension can directly select the station name to make a call without entering ID number, more convenient operation, quick
    ● Panel Status: displays the front control panel is connected 9617D state, and customize the names of the panel directly on the server software
    ● Cyclic Transfer: transfer the call within a specified time cycle to ensure that the call is not lost
    ● Dynamic Ringtones: Ringtones dynamic definition of each terminal, to facilitate the identification center by ringing the terminal sources and according to different panels sound different ring, a plurality of panels of a call on the distinguished extension
    ● address him: Supports direct call from the terminal server and the establishment of call features
    ● cluster interoperability: support interworking between multi-server clusters
    ● Service forwarding: a call between the server and the server forwards
    ● Built-in tone: the built-in FLASH, SD card can be linked without tone, fast play prompted the audio to the front, prompt customer
    ● Beeper Upload: Upload tone to the terminal, without the need to manually change the front-end SD card files
    ● I / O status active feedback: When I / O status changes, active feedback display in sdk, to ensure that I / O status information is not lost
    ● I / O interaction: at different time periods may play different linkage audio (an I / O port set up to two time periods), more diversified linkage audio, different panels of different buttons call can set different linkage I / O output
    ● Panel Tamper: Tamper with mechanical devices, tamper alarm
    ● Specify the output panel: Specify the voice output under various state panel
    ● Cross-Server: cross-server calls, intercom, radio and a bell
    ● Set the specified control terminal without sdk
    ● ID conflict alarm
    ● Emergency Call Server bell output
    ● The command mode integrated into the intercom, and can command to the specified panel
    ● When multiple terminals together call center, designated by 9516 to answer one terminal
    ● configuration import and export functions
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