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    Hengtong Digital Co., Ltd. Quanzhou, ?Fujian is a company engaged in the research, development, sales and service of the hardware, software and integrated systems of the security products, specializing in digital and network technology promotion and application for many years. Under the guidance of the scientific concept of "technology constant, unerring unobstructed, self-discipline and social commitment", all the staff are positive, united and progressive, growing, creating the greater value for customers .
    From software compression video cards, hardware compression video cards, DVR, HDVR, NVR, high definition IP camera and other video products to the access control system, network alarm server, environmental detection system, digital audio recording monitoring system, GPS network timing system, intelligent vibration detector, network alarm unit, network video and alarm unit, IP intercom systems, intelligent audio analysis instrument, emergency control system, ATM protection cabins controller, programmable security logic controller, temperature and humidity s ensor and other security products, as well as many proprietary intellectual property rights, including MPEG4 and H.264 video compression algorithm.As we are harvesting along the way, the value space of customers growing too.
    Our company at the same time attaches great importance to develop and integrate the software applications as hardware developing, such as center control server and front server which control the video displaying on TV wall, on duty console software, remote Map Surveillance System, remote alarm center, remote alarming management server, remote access control management server, video stream server, security device surveillance center, security integrated system management server,message transmit and receive system, alarm message remote query system and the integrated surveillance platform application software, including video, alarm, access control, network intercom, environmental detection, lighting control and so on.
    Many products of our company pass the test by the Ministry of Public Security, and the certificates of production registration approval of security technology products have issued. And the CCC certificates of vibration detector, network alarm unit, network video and alarm unit, DVR, HDVR, NVR issued too. The certificate of quality management system of ISO9001 has issued. Our company was awarded the high-tech enterprises.in 2006 and 2009.
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